A little play at….and maybe in, the creek

After a picnic meet up with some other moms at the park, we wondered over to the creek. Liam had so much fun racing leaves and sticks, hauling big sticks around, finding treasure for his collections (rocks), and painting.



Painting a rock with a stick that he dipped in the creek


This last picture I took right before he fell in the creek. He was very upset and his ego was extremely hurt. He however learned a very important lesson, crocs are slippery on mud. Good thing we were making our way back to the car at this point.


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A year break and so many changes

Opps, so I have not posted in a year. I keep thinking of topics to write about and pictures to share. We have had a few changes in our lives. We now have a new member of the cachehownd clan. Mr N. was born December 3, 2014.

I have blogs to write, I will find time, somewhere 🙂

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A chilly walk on March 3rd

Brr it was chilly this afternoon when we went for a neighborhood walk with our neighbor. BUT the important thing was the boys had a good time. We stopped twice and looked at the horses, walked past orchards, saw a birds nest full of snow, and a Blue Heron in a field. 

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Still winter

After having 3 really busy days I decided that today we would just go have a play at the park, letting Liam burn off some energy, and giving me a chance to play with my camera. The sun was shining, but it was very cool down by the lake. Liam learned that his rain boots are very slippery on the ice, he had many falls, laughing each on off thankfully.


Liam the penguin


I love my little mans imagination. He was taking rocks to the top of the big slide. He had them in a pile, then we could take a few out of the pile, get them ready then race them down. Some times they were cars, and other times they were Henry Huggle Monster. .



From Beasley Park we could see these guys out racing on the frozen lake. To get a closer look,we took a little drive. They were fun to watch racing around on a go cart like bike, and holding sails. We were having fun watching them, and Liam was goofing around on the ice. He was stomping on some ice at shore next to a big rock, and next thing I knew his right leg is knee deep in water. That was the end of our outing. Thankfully I always have a blanket in my car.


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REVIEW: Nature Kids documentary (& Giveaway!)

REVIEW: Nature Kids documentary (& Giveaway!).

I would love to win the Nature Kids Documentary. The trailer is wonderful 🙂

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WALC Raptor Loop

With the new section of highway 97 done, a few new WALC (walking around Lake Country) trails have emerged. And what does any good geocacher do…..going hiking to place new caches of course 🙂

The trail was a pretty easy 3km hike. Liams favorite part……going through the tunnel under the highway. We walked on a variety of nice man made trails, dirt bike/quad trails, and some deer trails. Looking at the map I thought this hike was going to be pretty long, but we managed, and Liam did awesome! However with placing 11 caches along the trail it did take use just over two and a half hours. The end of the hike was getting a little hurried as it was getting dusk very quickly. We made it back to the car close to 4:30….just in time, any longer and we would have had to break out the flashlights.

A much needed hot drink was needed after this hike. With dusk, came very cool temperatures, plus I had a leaky hydration pack, resulting in a wet back 😦 A trip to Tim Hortons warmed us up, Liam was very excited for a hot chocolate to finish off our family hike.

Hopefully the snow holds off for a little longer so we can hike…..and of course hide more caches on some more of the trails above the Raptor trail.

A big Thanks to all the volunteers, at WALC, that make these great possible!!! We are truly lucky to live in an area with so many trails at our doorstep.
Spion Kop Trails

My boy, all set to hike

My boy, all set to hike


it’s a snake, no it’s a dragon, no it’s a sea serpent


Any fallen tree is an opportunity for a balance beam


“Mom take my picture up here!”




Snuggles enjoying the hike


Liam and Snuggles


Jason blends right in, in his green hoodie


We were looking for walking sticks in the piles of wood. Liam found a keeper, lol!


view of Oyama, Wood Lake and Kal Lake


Another view shot


“I’m hiding!!!” yells Liam


“Look, it’s not a diamond any more” Silly boy, yet smart
(The trail marker signs were diamonds, Liam used is walking stick to change the diamond to a square)


Me and Liam


View of Lake Country, or as the locals call it Winfield



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Off on another adventure! Part Deux (pictures included)

After day one we continued on our way to the wedding. We stopped at Jackman Flats Provincial Park to get a cache and show Liam the sand dunes. Did you know that there were sand dunes near Valemount? I did, only because I have been to the park before.


That way!!


Playing in the sand


After Jackman Flats we come to the mighty Fraser River. Liam thought it was great that he got to see the Fraser River on this trip, usually we only see the Fraser River on our travels to Vancouver.

We continued traveling through the rain and clouds. Much to our disappointment with the very low cloud cover we could not see Mount Robson, or any mountains for that matter. Guess it was better that way, as we had to hurry our way to a wedding. Another trip will be needed to go explore Mount Robson area with Liam.


Liam looking so impressed. It was cold and rainy, but we stopped for a quick picture.

On our way back home we stopped at the sand dunes in Jasper national Park, and had a play.


Playing in the sand near Jasper

Jason and I have driven Hwy 16 through Jasper National Park many many times, never stopping at any of the points of interest. BUT now thanks to geocaching we stopped and the cold sulpher spring. A very stinky stop, however very interesting at the same time.


202 204 207


001 016 021 025 042 049 057 078

Spahats Falls

Spahats Falls

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