Exploring Mill Creek

In the last year I have had to great opportunity to attend a workshop by an Early Childhood Education Instructor on Children of the Forest. Her presentation is on a forest/outdoor preschools she visited in Scotland. During her presentation she spoke about the benefits (socially, physically, cognitively, creatively and emotionally) to children and adults. She spoke about Richards Louvs term “nature defect disorder”. I have been reading other article’s about the importance of showing our children the nature we have out our back doors. This past weekend I attended a presentation from Richard Louv. Afterwards I read an article that made me really think about my son, what his journey in school will look like, his future and so many other things. I have decided that this blog will now be about our adventures outdoors and are adventures bringing the outdoors in.

What a beautiful day we had for our adventure exploring Mill Creek Park. I have been there a few times in the past, but never have I been past the waterfall. On this day we went past the waterfall and check out the unknown.  Liam has been to this park a couple times (once as on infant), as we walked in he remember that he had been here recently with his daddy, and he knew that there was a waterfall to be seen. I had packed a picnic, including hot chocolate for Liam and hot coffee for me. While eating lunch Liam only took his eyes off the waterfall to pick up his hot chocolate.

Liam loves to follow the trails and is always running, fast, as he would tell you. He stops every so often to take in the views and noises. Today we were talking about the different sounds we could hear, because at daycare they have been talking about forest animals. We could hear a squirrel chirping away, Liam really wanted to go look for it. We also heard birds. Liam enjoyed the sounds of the water.

What better way to learn about prepositions then being out doors going over bridges, under gates, around trees, over big rocks, in between trees, and deciding between the trail to the left or the trail to the right.


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