I have been a little MIA

We have had many outdoor adventures in the last few months, I just seem to have a hard time sitting down and writing about it.
Just a couple weeks ago we all went for a geocaching hike. We left our house and the sun was shining down on us, we drove down the highway into clouds. when we arrived at our destination we were slightly in the clouds, but we walked into the sunshine. Thank goodness the sun was shining on us, as the ground was still covered in snow and it was a little cool out. We stayed warm by walking up up and up the hill.


Liam and Jason at ground zero of a geocache


The sun shining through clouds


Little man stopping for a split second for a picture


Looking up the hill at the sun trying to shine


Jason in the sun shine going up the hill. There was even more hills to go up after this one


Headed into the wooded area

After walking up the hills we came to a wooded area, it was so beautiful. I look forward to checking this area out again in the summer when everything is green (not white).

We came to a fork in the road….follow the trail up the hill or follow the access road. We decided on the access road, only to discover when we got to the top we were not able to join up with the trail again due to the snow pile from the road being plowed. SO…..I had a brilliant plan of going around the fenced area, it didn’t look like it would be too difficult. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it was no easy at all. I had to push and pull Liam up the hill, then we got covered in tiny burs. I ended up giving Liam a piggy back for park of it. Then we had to go down. We all arrived back at the path safe and sound, plus we even logged a cache will embarking down the hill side.


piggy back time


Running fast!

Today Liam and I had a wonderful mommy/son day. We ended up at a park we had never been to before. Liam bypassed the park and went for the trails. I love that he loves the outdoors.

phone 877

The park that Liam bypassed

phone 865

Sitting on a little stump

phone 854 phone 864 phone 861 phone 855 phone 871 phone 867 phone 868 phone 869 phone 870 phone 874 phone 873 phone 872 phone 875 phone 876

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