caching with daddy

Yesterday my little man got to stay home and go geocaching with daddy. Liam LOVES to go treasure hunting, since it usually mean going for a hike as well. He has gotten to explore many park and trails in our area in the last year. The funny part is Liam knows where he has been. When driving down the road he points out places that he has been treasure hunting. He loves to learn that when in one location we can look across a valley and point to another location that we have been. He is learning so much and geography. I am thinking maybe we need to get him a compass soon.


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2 Responses to caching with daddy

  1. Chris Hall says:

    I’ve taken my son on a few Geocaching trips. He’s still a toddler and does not really understand what we are doing. But he one thing he likes is being able to pick out a toy from the cache container. He must have 4 or 5 toy cars just from caching.

    Chris Hall
    The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy

    • Hi Chris. We started geocaching with Liam just before his third birthday, At that point we could only do 2 to 3 caches before he lost interest. Now he loves going “treasure hunting”. We are now teaching him to look for things that do not belong to lead him to a cache. He is catching on pretty quick. I am sure in another year he will be finding more of the caches then we are, lol. We have many little toys from trades, today he found a carabiner.

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