Protection Island with the extended Hownd family

What and adventure we had ourselves yesterday! When we were first planning our trip to the island to visit Mr. Cache Hownds Family, we got on to see what caches we should do. We discovered Protection Island and the pirate theme. Liam LOVES pirates, so we made a plan to go explore the island.

The adventure begins with a private ferry ride from downtown Nanaimo over to the island. The Ferry is a small boat that has a max capacity of 34 people. Our group of 8 took up a small part of the ferry. We had Mr. Cache Hownds brother, his wife, daughter, nephew and niece. The kids really enjoyed the 10 minute ferry ride. We arrived at the Dinghy Dock pub (sadly we didn’t get to try the pub out this trip). The island is small, most residents use a wheelbarrow to transport their goods or a gold cart. Not very many residents have a vehicle as their is no vehicle ferry that goes to the island. To get vehicles or other large items to the island you either need to own a barge or rent on, or have very good friends. 

We went to Pirate Park right away, where the kids ran around, played on the playground and explored the beach. The tide was going out so we were able to find some little crabs hiding under rocks. Getting a good look at them was a little difficult as those little critters move fast. 

Liam, Nathaniel, and Chiasson

Liam on a mission

A little red crab

Liam with his new kids day pack that we bought at MEC



After a play and some food we headed down Pirate Lane to Colvilleton Trail, and check the view from the look out area. From there we countinued down Colvilleton Trail to Gallows Point park. We watch the ferry head over to Gabriolia Island, saw a float plane land on the water and a tug boat pulling logs. We even saw 2 Bald Eagles flying over us.  After yet more food (good thing we packed lots), we headed down Captain Morgans Blvd, my favorite road name on the island 😉 We had lots of talk about winning the lottery so we can buy a summer house on the island. So many beautiful homes surrounded by amazing trees, plants and ocean. 


Liam, Chiasson, Dorinda, and Nathanial

BC Ferries

ImageOnce we reached Smugglers Cove Park we explored the beach. We showed Liam how the ocean has made holes in rocks, although he wasn’t very interested in that. Another child at the beach told us that he could show use some Sea Stars. We followed him down the beach to find many star fish along the rocks. We even found a few more small crabs hiding under rocks. While cruising the beach we found another star fish on the sand. Liam and Chiasson were interested in touching the star fish, they found it to be very rough. We spent about an hour exploring the beach and rocks. Each of the kids had a zip lock baggies to put their “treasure” in. 

The walking stick that took 3 children to carry

Bald Eagle on top of the tree


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