History along the Coquihalla Hwy

Thanks to geocaching we stopped at some little known places along the Coquihalla Hwy and discovered some wonderful history.

Are first stop was for GC27PGQ and GCYRT2.

cable car tower

cable car tower

Easter 2013 414 Easter 2013 416

Liam was tired from a busy weekend. Thankfully the caches were park and grabs, so we were able to cache while he napped.

Next stop was GC2XAED on the edge of Coldwater River Provincial Park.

Easter 2013 420
Easter 2013 427Easter 2013 422

We have never heard much oabout Coldwater River Provincial Park, and the BC Park website has very little information about the park. We really wanted to get the 2 other caches in the park, but there was still a few feet of snow in the park and Liam was still sleep. We did drive down the road way until it turned to a dirt road, which was looking more like a mud-bog, with all the melting snow.  We will go back another day (when all the snow is melted) to explore the park.

Then we went onto GC3PANE. This cache is on the TCT (Trans Canada Trail). We walked over an old trestle (now only for people travelling on foot/bicycle) to search for the cache. We have been on many small sections of the TCT, I really hope to one day be able to travel bigger sections of the trail.

This sign was on the side road down to the cache site.

Walking across the bridge to the geocache

View from the bridge

We didn’t stop this trip, but other wonderful place to stop that is full of history and architectural wonder is Othello Tunnels (Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park). I highly recommend a stop at Othello Tunnels, whether you are stopping to stretch your legs, or do some geocaching.

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4 Responses to History along the Coquihalla Hwy

  1. Michelle DeGroot says:

    Cool 😀 We still have to stop at most of those caches along the Coquihalla too. Maybe sometime this summer 🙂

  2. slitwyn says:

    We haven’t been out that way Caching. Now that the weather is better we may have to take a weekend & go out that way. We live in the Shuswap

    • We miss a few due to the snow still up in the mountains. I really wanted to do Ladner Creek Trestle (GC143KZ), but we couldn’t even get to the parking location 😦 Hopefully we will made a (long) day trip over the summer to get some more smilies.
      Do you have any suggestions for some great caches in the Shuswap area?

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