I there such a thing as bad weather?

Recently I was at a workshop presented by Marghanita Hughes and she said something along the lines of, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. It is so true (well unless you are in some extreme weather). Tonight when we got home Liam really wanted to go in the back yard. It was pouring rain….no wait, it was coming down in bucket fulls. I said to him, are you sure you want to go out in this? He eagerly replied “Yes I want to play in the backyard” And off he ran.

He wasn’t completely dressed appropriately for the cool rain fall warning type of weather we were having, but I knew that he would come inside once he was ready. Plus he was hungry, and it was almost dinner time.


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I believe in proper clothing for outdoors, hence why we bought Liam hiking boots. A few months ago as I was working on a newsletter for work I was adding in some tips on selecting winter outer clothing for young children. I decided to do a Google search to add more ideas to my newsletter and I came across a suggestion that still frustrates me to this day. It suggested buying a snowsuit a size or two up so that  young children can wear it for more then a year. Ok, as a parent who tries to make our pennies stretch I understand that, BUT a two year old (who is a typical size of a 2 year old) in a size 4 snowsuit does not work!! The sleeves have to be rolled up a few times, then mittens that are meant to go under the coat don’t stay on because the rolls are pushing them off as the child moves. I also do not think that a snowsuit that big will keep a child warm enough since it will be so loose and baggy letting the cold air and snow in.

In the past months we, have invested is some quality out door gear for us. It kind of helped that Far West had a closing out sale. We plan on getting out more then ever before. We are truly looking forward to what adventures our summer camping trips bring us. As we plan out trips around hikes we want to do.

Ok, time for me to have a happy tooting my own horn moment. I am so happy that Liam can rock a 3km hike. Way to go my boy!!

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