Making family camping memories

I remember as a young child going on camping trips to Shuswap Lake. My mom and dad would load every thing up in the boat. I think the only thing we left at home was the kitchen sink with taps. I am not kidding. Packed in the boat would be our tent (a nice yellowish colored canvas tent), coolers, a box with dishes/utensils, sleeping bags, clothes, BBQ, lantern,water ski’s, and a picnic table…..yes a picnic table, it was a folding picnic table. Plus the dogs would come too. The boat would be so full. Then off we would drive off to Sicamous to launch the boat to get to Four Mile Creek, a site only accessible by boat.

Now that I am a parent I want to make camping memories for Liam. This summer we have been on two camping trips. The first trip, was also the first time in our new to us tent trailer, to Ellison Provincial Park. Lucky for us Jason headed there first thing in the morning and was able to get us a site, since 75% of the site are reserve-able, and the reservations were all full.  Liam loves the sleeping trailer and was beyond excited to be able to sleep in it while camping. 


Our site all set up


Liam riding his balance bike


just might be a geocache here 😉


Liam found a balance beam


Playing in Okanagan Lake


Pretending to fish


Being silly

Our second trip took us to a private campground, ShyLynn Ranch. WOW, a beautiful area, it was so quiet and peaceful. The campground is run by a absolutely wonderful family. 

Liam once again was very excited to sleep in the sleeping trailer. Since we were close to Salmon Arm we geocached our drive into town, then went to Herald Provincial Park so we could see Margaret Falls. WOW a beautiful walk into the fall. Unfortunately pictures to no do this area justice. 


We had a fun time swimming in Shuswap lake after our walk to the waterfall.

ImageWe loved that at ShyLynn Ranch they put so much thought into making your camping experience a great one. Liam really enjoyed playing in the giant tire sandbox. We went for a couple walks to see the horses. I think one of the best features was the children’s potty seats in the outhouses, you can tell the owners are parents 🙂 The best part of camping was the three of us sitting around the fire, roasting marshmallows to make smores.


So beautiful!


Playing in the dirt


Playing in the tire sandbox


Helping chop fire wood



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