Off on another adventure!

Today has taken us part way on our trip to a wedding. As I was driving I was thinking about how much of the province that Liam has already seen in the last couple years. He has travaled a good chunk of British Columbia,  he has seen almost as much of the province as I have. Today was his first trip up highway 5. We made a stop at North Thompson River Provincial Park. We got to see where two rivers met and how the river looked 2 colors. We also had to stop for 3 caches in the park. 
Next stop was a first for all 3 of us…… Wells Grey Provincial Park. 10 kilometers off the highway is one of the many waterfalls that the park has to offer. We only made the one stop in Wells Grey at Spahat Falls and it was truely amazing. Mother nature is very powerful. To see how water can carve throught rock always amazes me.
We also stopped at Little Hells Gate Regional Park, a first for all 3 of us. Jason and I have drven by little hells gate a few time, always saying “one day we will stop”. So today we stopped, not going lie, with a cache being in the park, that helped the decision to stop.


Little Hells Gate


Liam doesn't miss the chance for a nature balance beam


More pictures to come, once we are home and I am back on my computer.

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