Mommy! I want to play in the rain!

The sky’s were dark this evening when I went to the garden to grab some tomatoes, so I was not surprised when the rain suddenly came down. And boy did it come down, followed very quickly by thunder.
Liam was eating his dinner when the sky open and dumped rain. He jumped out of his seat and very excitedly announced “Mommy, I want to go outside and play in the rain!” I am not going to lie, a part of me wanted to say no, sit down and finish your supper. But he was so excited, he said to me, “I love the rain” He had his rubber boots and coat on in record time, and ran out the door.
I figured what an opportune time to try out my rubber boors that I got a couple months ago. So off I went to find my rain coat and umbrella (yes an umbrella,  I wanted to take pictures, and needed to protect my tablet) (Mom, my feet stayed dry, thanks for the boots)

wpid-20130917_183733.jpg wpid-20130917_184059.jpg wpid-20130917_184124.jpg wpid-20130917_184135.jpg wpid-20130917_184453.jpg wpid-20130917_184502.jpg


Our fun outside didn’t last overly long, but Liam had a blast.  His pants and coat were so wet that I could squeeze water out of them. He is now having a nice warm shower, and I am watching the rain come down…..still

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