Still winter

After having 3 really busy days I decided that today we would just go have a play at the park, letting Liam burn off some energy, and giving me a chance to play with my camera. The sun was shining, but it was very cool down by the lake. Liam learned that his rain boots are very slippery on the ice, he had many falls, laughing each on off thankfully.


Liam the penguin


I love my little mans imagination. He was taking rocks to the top of the big slide. He had them in a pile, then we could take a few out of the pile, get them ready then race them down. Some times they were cars, and other times they were Henry Huggle Monster. .



From Beasley Park we could see these guys out racing on the frozen lake. To get a closer look,we took a little drive. They were fun to watch racing around on a go cart like bike, and holding sails. We were having fun watching them, and Liam was goofing around on the ice. He was stomping on some ice at shore next to a big rock, and next thing I knew his right leg is knee deep in water. That was the end of our outing. Thankfully I always have a blanket in my car.


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